Hello. This blog is about the clothes and looks that I have enjoyed throughout my life. It is also about the clothes and looks I have liked on others. Whether they be friends, or just people whose style I’ve enjoyed from afar. One thing this is def not is a style guide, or anything to do with the fashion world. I would never be so arrogant as to think my opinion is worth something to other people’s wardrobes.

I am a 44 year old bloke from the east end of London, who now lives in the Netherlands. I first realised I had a thing about the cloth when I was very young and absolutely fell head over heels in love with my father’s dark blue Crombie style coat. It was from Simpsons of Piccadilly, and I can still remember the feel of it to this day. The soft woolen outer, the shiny cool to the skin lining and above all the moleskin lined side pockets. I just loved that coat so much. The tragedy was my father gave it to me when I was big enough to wear it proper and it got nicked from some party. Still feel sick about that.

That was the start of it. Though then there was that style vacuum through the mid ’70s, where we all wore the most bizarre things our mothers would get from the local market. Mine was Roman Road market in Bow. That was the time clothes seemed to drift from my interest and I got equally obsessed about music instead. Then things started to happen again. It was about ’77/’78 and you started getting these revival cults. There was a Mod revival, the whole Rude Boy/Two-Tone thing, plus Punk had dropped it’s DIY underground status and gone public, calling itself the 2nd Generation, and I can also remember a small movement of revivalist Soul Boys, who dressed a lot more conservatively than their earlier ’70s originators. All these new clothes conscious cults came about because of the revival of music scenes. This was when things started to wake up again. If you were a hip Soho clubber and a scene setter then this was a dull period for you, as you’d created these looks a year or so earlier, but if you were an 11 year old clothes bored kid from a council estate in deepest Bow then these were new and exciting times. Young poor kids had woken up and started dressing again. We were asking our mothers what to get us and where to get it from, instead of just wearing whatever got bought from down the market. I jumped right on board. From that point on I was hooked again. Though this time it was also with the music that accompanied the look.

So, in a nutshell, that’s what this blog is about. The looks, styles, clothes and accompanying music that I hold dear to my heart. Plus, to stop it being solely about me, wouldn’t want to make it too self-centered, I want to list other people. People who to me rock big time in the clobber stakes.

BTW, this is my first ever blog, so please excuse me if it’s not all graphical and fancy. I promise to improve the look of it as the knowledge comes.